Here's how Legally Framed works

LegallyFramed creates all your necessary legal documents and policies for all your websites.

Instead of a basic generic template...

LegallyFramed creates customized legal documents and policies for your website or app based on business needs. Your website or app is unique. Your legal agreements and policies should be unique too!

Instead of late updates that may get you fined...

LegallyFramed routinely monitors laws, acts, and regulations across a variety of jurisdictions (countries and states) for any changes required to your generated legal agreements and policies.

When it's time to update an agreement or policy, LegallyFramed, with its unique service, updates your pages automatically for you. We just simply let you know via email that your legal pages have been updated with the most recent requirements.

Stop creating new webpages or app screens...

LegallyFramed hosts the generated legal agreements and policies for your website and app, for free. You don't need to create a new website page or app screen to show your agreements and policies.

LegallyFramed provides you with a unique code that you simply paste at the bottom of your websites. If you wish to make a change, simply log into your private membership account and all your website page will automatically be updated.  When general terms are updated, we make the changes for you... Automatically!

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